Prime Minister opened the renovated David Aghmashenebeli Avenue

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Monday, 26 September 2016 16:02

One of the most beautiful and ancient districts of Tbilisi has been renovated, - Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili alongside with the Tbilisi City Mayor and Vice Mayor opened the rehabilitated David Aghmashenebeli Avenue representing the first stage of the large-scale project "New Tiflis". Project was implemented in a revolutionary short period of time of mere 7 months.
47 historical buildings, including 38 monuments of cultural heritage were restored to their original forms. Roofs of buildings were completely changed and restored, buildings have been structurally fortified, authentic look and the historical ornaments of the facades of the buildings have been restored. Old balconies, doors and gates have been fully restored. Stained glass windows as well as doors and windows of the buildings have been changed with high-quality materials. Historical entrances were restored and paintings and antique inscriptions discovered in the process of rehabilitation of the entrances and facades were restored, yards were renovated. Communication system, including gas, water, canalization pipes and internet and weak networks were completely changed. Drainage systems were arranged since their absence threatened to the stability of the buildings.
Prime Minister of Georgia alongside with his younger son and members of the Cabinet examined the rehabilitated Avenue.
Giorgi Kvirikashvili congratulated all residents of Tbilisi and the whole Georgia on renovation of the most beautiful, historical district of Tbilisi and indicated that rehabilitation of David Aghmashenebeli Avenue will be important in terms of ameliorating living standards for the local residents and attracting more tourists. 
"Enormous volumes of work have been performed throughout the last 7 months. The street that almost completely represents a monument of cultural heritage, has been restored. Not only façade, but the entrances, including paintings, wall murals, and yards have been restored. Communications have been completely renovated and this is just the first stage. Following stages include restoration of pedestrian routes in the direction of upper streets; complex of gardens cultivated in the end of 19th century will also be restored. This will be important primarily for the local residents - price of the real estate have shot up fivefold; furthermore, this will be one of the most attractive districts in Tbilisi for all tourists," - Prime Minister noted.
Numerous visitors gathered today to examine the rehabilitated David Aghmashenebeli Avenue, part of which became pedestrian.
Alongside with the renovation works, lighting system alongside with various types of pavement and the road cover have been installed on the Avenue. The green area was arranged via cultivating vertical garden on the wall of 59th public school. Trees were planted, gardens were renovated, and facades were adorned with decorative flowers. Around 1200 people were employed within the frames of the project. Around 30 million GEL was allocated to implement the 1st stage of the "New Tiflis" project.
Rehabilitation of Dry Bridge ("Mshrali Khidi"), Orbeliani Square and territory adjacent to the said areas will be carried out in 2017.

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    Avtandil Otinashvili, Strasbourg

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