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Monday, 19 September 2016 17:30

The officers of Tbilisi Patrol Police Department, Isani-Samgori Division, Kvemo Kartli Police Department and Kvemo Kartli division of Patrol Police Department as a result of jointly held immediate operative-searching activities, detained previously convicted: L.G. (DoB 1973) and Sh. L. (DoB 1974) for committing armed assault in group.
Investigation established that on October 17, two armed persons, covering their faces in masks, broke into “Smart” trading center where branches of “Bank of Georgia” and “Liberty Bank” are located and stole large amount of cash. Detainees also appropriated Honda made vehicle owned by the citizen O.B. and left the crime scene.
Law enforcers managed to detain Sh. L. on the second day in Shaumiani village, Marneuli, while L.G. was detained at “Sadakhlo” border crossing point. L.G. has also been exposed for committing other crime in the past. Police already seized part of the stolen sum and car as evidence.
Investigation is in progress on the fact of armed assault, article 179, II and III parts of the Criminal Code.

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  • JSC Liberty Bank announces changes in senior management team

    JSC Liberty Bank announces the appointment of Mr. George Gvazava as acting Chief Risk Officer effective 3rd of June, 2022.  Mr. Gvazava will take over from Mr. Abashidze.

     Mr. George Gvazavais finance professional with extensive experience in banking and risk management.

    Mr. Gvazava has a successful track record of working with the leading financial institutions in Georgia for more than 15 years. Mr. Gvazava started as a Credit Analyst at VTB Bank Georgia and since then held various management and top management positions. Prior to joining JSC Liberty Bank, Mr. Gvazava was the Head of Risk Department at VTB Bank Georgia.

     Mr. Gvazava holds an MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School (EBS).

  • Minister of Education of the Azerbaijan E. Amrullayev visited Marneuli as part of his official visit to Georgia
    Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Emin Amrullayev visited Marneuli as part of his official visit to Georgia. The Minister visited the Integration Center of Azerbaijanis of Georgia (GAIM).
    Executive Director Orkhan Pirverdiyev gave detailed information to the minister about the activities of the center. And. Amrullayev got acquainted with the classrooms of GAIM and met with the teachers and students. Faig Guliyev, the extraordinary and authoritative ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Georgia, also participated in the meeting with the Minister.
    During the meeting, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Georgia Faig Guliyev said that President Ilham Aliyev always keeps the social situation of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia in attention and in this direction, the joint part between the relevant organizations of both countries It's taken away.
    Minister Emin Amrullayev also noted that the problems of Azerbaijani schools operating in Georgia are kept in mind. It has been stated that the Georgian and Azerbaijani people have historically lived in peace and friendship conditions and friendly relations are the common value of both countries. "It is normal to have issues among friends to discuss. After independence was achieved, it was important to discuss issues under a new angle," the minister said.
    Integration Center for Azerbaijanis of Georgia
  • Irakli Garibashvili: Our Azerbaijani brothers and the Azerbaijani state are not just a neighboring country-we are strategic partners implementing important projects (Video)

    SOCAR bears exceptional social responsibility, having implemented numerous socially important projects for the benefit of our population in various regions of the country, as once again evidenced by this day, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated in his speech at the opening ceremony of a new sports complex in the village of Kizilajlo, Marneuli Municipality.
    The Head of Government emphasized the importance of SOCAR's initiatives to Georgia, adding that the company has invested hundreds of millions of USD in Georgia to carry out important work.
    "It is a great honor to be here today. I would like to thank our very special guest for being with us today. Mister Rovnag Abdullayev is our country's friend representing SOCAR, one of the largest investors in our country. SOCAR, having invested hundreds of millions of dollars n our country, is carrying out important work in Georgia. Notably, SOCAR bears exceptional social responsibility, having implemented numerous socially important projects for the benefit of our population in various regions of the country, as once again evidenced by this day. We are in the village of Kizilajlo, Marneuli Municipality, and today we will open this wonderful, important present for our population, a modern European-standard sports complex, a wonderful present to our youth. That is why, once again, I would like to thank Mister Rovnag Abdullayev and SOCAR. Of course, we are interested in promoting healthy living among young people, and this is a very important asset acquired. I want to inform our population, our people, that today Mister Rovnag Abdullayev will open a newly built kindergarten in the village of Kabali with financing from SOCAR. This important project was launched just a year ago, and today it is already finalized. The project's cost in 3 million GEL. It is a very good example illustrating and brotherhood, friendship, and cooperation. Our Azerbaijani brothers and the Azerbaijani state are not just a neighboring country-I always say that Azerbaijanis are our brothers, and we have excellent relations; we are strategic partners implementing important projects. Together with SOCAR, the Georgian Government is implementing gasification work of unprecedented proportions throughout the country, and our cooperation is very productive," Irakli Garibashvili said. 
    The guests attending the opening of the sports complex were also addressed by SOCAR CEO Rovnag Abdullayev, who conveyed greetings from President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and the population of Kizilajlo. Rovnag Abdullayev also emphasized the conditions put in place by the Georgian Government for Azerbaijan have resulted in 1 billion and 200 million invested by Azerbaijan in Georgia. According to him, the friendship and oneness of mind between the Governments of Azerbaijan and Georgia are as exemplary as ever, and the two countries enjoy commendable cooperation in strategic and other factors. As the CEO of SOCAR pointed out, Georgia's gasification stands at 90%, a result found only in a handful of countries around the globe, and this has been made possible thanks to active assistance from the Georgian Government.
    The new sports complex in the village of Kizilajlo was built and handed over to the state free of charge by SOCAR Energy Georgia.
    The complex incorporates an indoor multifunctional athletic space for a variety of sports, such as basketball, mini football, handball, volleyball, and wrestling. The sports complex will also feature seating areas for spectators, locker rooms, showers, and sanitary areas, a storage room for equipment, and an administrative section. The building covers a total of 1,157 m2, and its cost exceeds 3 million GEL. A football stadium near the sports complex has also been fully renovated by SOCAR.
    The event in the village of Kizilajlo was attended by SOCAR CEO Rovnag Abdullayev, General Director of SOCAR Energy Georgia Mahir Mammedov, Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Georgia Faig Guliyev, representatives of Georgia's executive and legislative, and State Representative in Kvemo Kartli Shota Rekhviashvili.

    Press Service of the Government Administration

  • The opening ceremony of the freestyle wrestling tournament named after Heydar Aliyev was held in Georgia
    On May 2021, 9-10, a friendly tournament on Heydar Aliyev on free wrestling involving the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia will be held.
    The tournament organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Georgia, SOCAR Georgia and the Union of Azerbaijani Athletes of Georgia was opened in Marneuli on May 9
    At the beginning of the opening ceremony of the freestyle wrestling tournament dedicated to the 98th anniversary of the birth of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, Georgia and Azerbaijan's national anthem were sung.
    Seymur Ilyasli, the first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Georgia, who later told the opening speech of the tournament, stated that the tournament was held for the first time among young people on free wrestling dedicated to the memory of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in Marneuli. On this occasion, athletes from different regions and villages have come to Marneuli, and the real holiday mood is in the region.
    S. S. Ilyasli said that Great Leader Heydar Aliyev has always paid great attention to sports, which is an important tool for spiritual education, physical and mental development of young people. He stated that as a result of the attention and care shown by the National Leader to sports and physical education, the three-colored flag of Azerbaijan is waving in the most important international competitions.
    S. S. The head of our state, who is a worthy follower of the Great Leader of Ilham Aliyev, has stated that he has continuous support for the development of young people and their preparation in order to achieve high results in international sports arenas.
    The diplomat emphasized that the participation of this tournament in Marneuli is not random, and that every tournament held gives a big boost to the development of sports, and after each tournament, a massive stream of sports will begin.
    S. S. As the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev emphasized, he is the President of every Azerbaijani living in the world. He said that, the desire of many of our compatriots living in Georgia to participate in this tournament today makes us very happy, we want each of our compatriots, every youth, every child, to participate in sports and win. He wished the athletes good luck on the occasion of the opening of this tournament.
    At the opening ceremony of the tournament, Chief judge of the Georgian Wrestling Federation, as well as Chairman of the Georgian Union of Azerbaijani Sportsmen Tofig Akbarov, expressed that the sports holiday dedicated to the memory of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev was met with great joy in the region, and they would be grateful for the implementation of these events on this scale.
    It should be noted that, about 150 sports clubs of 16 kg weight categories are participating in the tournament. Winners of the tournament will be awarded with trophies, medals and certificates. The award ceremony of the tournament will be held on May 10, 2021 in the gym of the AtaHolding building in Marneuli.
  • Team Europe: EIB immediate Covid-19 response support to the Georgian MSME sector reaches milestone with additional support to Liberty Bank
    • The EU bank will extend Covid-measures to the existing credit line at the Liberty Bank for a total of €17.5 million, including a €2.5 million multi-currency top-up.
    • Loan reinforces Team Europe support for the recovery of Georgian MSMEs from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as sustains jobs, maintains liquidity and operations, and fuels the economic recovery of Georgia.
    • In 2020 alone, EIB provided  €70 million to support faster recovery of Georgian businesses from COVID-19 pandemic

    The European Investment Bank (EIB), the lending arm of the European Union, and Liberty Bank agreed to expand an existing credit line for Georgian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with additional €2.5 million to a total of €17.5 million. With this signature, the EIBs total Covid-19 immediate response comprises additional lending exceeding € 70 million, and existing loans benefiting from Covid measures exceeding € 90 million.
    The EIB loans inject fresh capital into the national financial market at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is burdening SMEs with liquidity issues and restricting their ability to access finance for maintaining daily operations or funding expansion plans.
    The loan agreement was signed in presence Charles Michel, the President of the European Council.
    Please find the video materials here:
    EIB President Werner Hoyer, said: Team Europe and the EIB will continue to build up our support for the Georgian MSMEs and fuel the economic and social recovery of the national economy from COVID-19. Last year alone we boosted Georgian recovery from COVID-19 with EUR 170 – 70 million in new lending for MSMES, and 100 million for the reinforcement of the national healthcare sector`s ability to deal with the pandemic. Today, the EIB increased both the amount and the attractiveness of our loans available to MSMEs, as this is the first loan the EU Bank provides to a counterpart in Georgia in local currency. We look forward maintaining our position as the trusted ally of the Republic of Georgia and a key source of support for sustainable social and economic development.”
    CEO of Liberty Bank Vasil Khodeli commentedI would like to thank EIB and the EU for their continuous support and the confidence they have shown in Liberty Bank. Thanks to the increased loan amount, Liberty Bank will unlock significant additional lending for MSMEs in Georgia. The coronavirus has hit MSMEs very hard and this facility will provide much needed support for our clients to overcome short-term liquidity shortages, maintain jobs and support economic recovery in the upcoming months. The additional multi-currency facility equivalent to GEL 10 million includes the possibility to make financing available in local currency, which provides us with greater flexibility to finance and support wider range of MSME businesses in Georgia. This is also a further sign of our commitment to help businesses of all sizes to get through the turbulent times.”

    Further increasing affordability of EIB loans
    The loan introduces the option to make funding available in synthetic lari, Georgia’s national currency, and increases the affordability of the loans for MSMEs. The expansion will help Georgian MSMEs sustain jobs, maintain liquidity to continue operations, and fuel the economic recovery of Georgia from the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The investment from the EU bank forms part of the EIB’s SME Outreach Initiative, which promotes access to finance for MSMEs by supporting smaller local banks to better service their clients. MSMEs are the backbone of the Georgian economy and major employers in the country. The loan expansion comes with a €450,000 in technical assistance to support Liberty Bank improve and expand its offer for MSMEs.
    Team Europe adds value for Georgian companies
    Covered by a guarantee from the European Union, the loan from the EU bank will enable increase in lending activities to MSMEs without jeopardising the long-term stability of the country’s financial sector or its ability to support the economic recovery from the pandemic in the long term.
    This credit line comes with increase attractiveness to SMEs benefiting from the more flexible lending terms enabled by the EIB’s COVID-19 emergency measures. These measures are extended as part of the Team Europe’s efforts to Georgia and other EU partner countries during the pandemic.
    To date, the EU bank has invested more than €290 million in credit lines for Georgian businesses, sustaining more than 54,000 jobs in the country.
    Background information
    About the EIB:
    The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the long-term lending institution of the European Union owned by its Member States. It makes long-term finance available for sound investment in order to contribute towards EU policy goals.
    The EIB in Georgia:
    The EU Bank has been supporting economic and social development of Georgia since in 2007, providing to date some EUR 1.85 billion to local economy. The EU Bank activities in the country supported key infrastructure projects (EUR 1bn), MSMEs and mid-caps (EUR 290m), Municipal infrastructure (EUR 280m) and green energy generation projects (EUR 23.5m). COVID-19 recovery activities in 2020 totalled EUR 170m.
    Georgia is among a few non-EU countries eligible to benefit from the European Investment Fund (EIF) operations, designed to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with risk-sharing instruments.  Today, the EIB Group portfolio of guarantees in Georgia cover EUR 382.9 million of SMEs loans.

    The EIB finances most projects in Georgia under the EU External Lending Mandate. This provides the EIB with a guarantee covered by the EU budget for projects in the fields of social and economic infrastructure, local private sector development and climate action. Projects may also benefit from EU grants made available under the DCFTA program funded by the NIP, which amongst others promotes EIB’s efforts to make funding available in local currency.
    About JSC Liberty Bank:

    Liberty Bank is one of the largest Banks in Georgia, with total Assets of over GEL 2 bln and Capital GEL 200 mln. The Bank operates the largest branch network comprised of over 360 branches and 570 ATMs. The Bank is the exclusive agent of the Government of Georgia for the distribution of pensions and social benefits. The Bank employs over 4600 employees serving over 1.7 mln customers. 

    For more information on the EIB’s activities in Georgia please follow:

    Source: The EU Press Release

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