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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 14:46

According to the result of the survey of National Democratic Institute (NDI), the majority of respondents believe that in October 2012, his/her family lives in the same condition.
They were asked, how they and their family feel after the elections in 2012, 17% of respondents said that is better,   51% - in the same condition, 32% believes that they feel worse. 
National Democratic Institute research was conducted from June 8 to July 6. 4,113 respondents were interviewed.

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  • Women as are good at decision making as man in Georgia-NDI

    76% of Georgians think, that women as are good at decision making as man in Georgia. According 69% of them, In Georgia voters prefer voting for male candidates. Most of them think that woman have good chances of being promoted within the political party structure. According 60% of them, women are not brought up to be leaders.
    More than 58% agrees that women don’t have access to the same kind of personal networks and connections that men have. 

  • The meeting of the Speaker with the representatives of NDI and IRI Observation Missions

    The Speaker, Mr. David Usupashvili held the meeting with NDI and IRI Observation Missions. He thanked the mission members for visiting Georgia and their activity and spoke about importance of international observation missions. The parties discussed pre-election milieu and current situation.
    After the meeting, Mr. Usupashvili noted that on October 8, NDI and IRI, along with OSCE, CoE and the representatives of other Parliaments will observe the elections.
    “I met with two very important observation organizations – NDI and IRI. These two US organizations are one of the most active observers in election processes. We host the highest rank delegations of these organizations, composed of the European politicians and as always, intend to develop an unbiased conclusion.
    We unanimously noted that no comparison can be made with the situation in August-September, 2012, though they expressed their concern about the recent events and grave consequences of violence entailing threat that should be prevented.
    I believe that presence of NDI, IRI, OSCE, CoE and other observers will be productive. I personally appealed to the Speakers of up to 30 Parliaments to dispatch the observers. Most of them responded and I hope that this fact will cool those hot guns down who try make impact on electors through other means, is it explosives or conversations of explosives, is it direct violence or psychological pressure on electors.
    So, once more, I would like to address Georgian citizens that their free choice will be guaranteed, including due to presence of international observers because you will not be allowed making mistakes before the elections and the citizens themselves shall make their choice about our future. This is why presence of international colleagues is important today”.

  • The Rates of National Movement is too close to zero-Davit Narmania

    The Rates of National Movement is too close to zero – this statement was made by Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania during commenting NDI Research results.
    According to him, he is skeptical to National Democratic Institute’s survey results and he is sure that at October 8 people will make right decision.
    “People who have not yet decided whom to support, will elect Georgian Dream. There is a category of people who don’t want to say their thoughts,”-Davit Narmania said.

  • NDI will present the political part of society research today

    National Democratic Institute and CRRC-Georgia will present the political part of society research today. According to NDI, the presentation will hold at 10:30 a.m.  in Rooms Hotel.
    The research was held from June 8 to July 6. 4 133 citizens of Georgia have been responded. NDI Researches is funded by Sida and CRRC-Georgia. 

  • Mikheil Janelidze on NDI research

    According to the Foreign Minister of Georgia Mikheil Janelidze, the Georgian Economic has been developing besides the situation in the region. This statement was made by him after NDI research results were published.
    “As for the problems, we live in Georgia. We all see that Georgian citizens have problems in economic, employment and other problems. Georgian government has been working to develop the situation. For example, social system and health care,”-Mikheil Janelidze said 

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