Shooting in the National Bureau of Enforcement of Georgia

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Monday, 18 July 2016 14:14

Shooting in the National Bureau of Enforcement of Georgia- According to the press centre of Bureau, two men shot to each other with machine guns. Both of them are wounded. They are hospitalized.
"The incident has nothing common with the National Bureau of Enforcement. The confrontation occurred between two individuals - said the National Bureau of Enforcement.

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  • One person has been killed in Tsalka as a result of shooting

    One person has been killed in Tsalka as a result of shooting. One more is injured. According to Interior Ministry, two persons are arrested.
    As it is reported, the investigation was launched under the article 108 against one of them which means premeditated murder. The result of shooting is private reasons. 

  • Demand for Summary Proceedings Service of the National Bureau of Enforcement Grows

    The National Bureau of Enforcement publishes the report of summary proceedings for 6 months of 2016, according to which the demand for the summary proceedings is growing every year. At the same time, the number of cases ended in agreement increases as well. 
    During 6 months of 2016, the Summary Proceedings Service received 8 734 applications on payment of debt, of which only 201 applicants were refused due to the requirements of the law, and 8 014 cases were transferred to the case-managers.
    Of the 8014 applications received by the case managers from January to June 2016, inclusive, 5 113 were completed, including the payment was carried out in 76 case during the voluntary payment period, and 789 cases ended in agreement.
    Dynamics of submission of the applications is increasing and, accordingly, the number of applications received in 2016 is dramatically higher compared with the previous years. The demand for service is growing, as they often make decisions about apportionment of payable amounts, besides, as a result of simplified proceedings, the number of cases ended in agreement or during the voluntary payment period is increasing. The number of cases ended in agreement within 6 months of 2016 is higher compared with the same period of previous years. 
    Summary proceedings represent the service provided by the National Bureau of Enforcement, giving the citizens an opportunity to meet their demand for money quickly and cost-effectively, without trial. An applicant may apply to the summary proceedings in the case where the respondent (the debtor) has an overdue, documented debt. After examination of the documents, each case is transferred to the case-manager of the Summary Proceedings Service.

  • Munich shooting: More Details

    Police in the German city of Munich have asked members of the public to submit any videos, photos or audio recordings from Friday's mass shooting. Nine people were killed and 16 wounded, three of them critically, at a shopping mall by a lone gunman who later shot himself dead nearby, police say. No motive for the German-Iranian man's actions has yet been established.
    The attack is the third on civilians in western Europe in eight days, following the violence in Nice and Wuerzburg. Police will give an update on their investigation later on Saturday. They are asking people to upload any recordings that could help them to a special accountMunich, capital of the southern German state of Bavaria, was rocked by the attack on Friday evening.
    The mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, thanked police in a statement (in German), saying, "These are difficult times for Munich. I am impressed by the readiness of Munich residents to help, and their solidarity. Our city stands together." Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has ordered flags to be flown at half-mast across Germany in mourning.
    Chancellor Angela Merkel has delayed a holiday in the Alps to chair a meeting of the national security council later on Saturday. People could be seen laying flowers and lighting candles outside the Olympia shopping mall on Saturday.

  • Munich shooting: Several killed in shopping centre

    Police have closed off a large area around the Olympia shopping centre in Munich after shots were fired, according to local police. Police have confirmed multiple deaths. An employee at the shopping centre told Reuters news agency ‘many shots were fired’. No details have emerged on who was behind the shooting.The police tweeted that a major operation is underway and advised people to avoid the area. 

    What we know so far
    Local media have confirmed multiple deaths in a shopping centre in Munich
    report says 15 are dead
    TV images show dozens of emergency vehicles
    Employee inside centre says many shots were fired
    Reports suggest there is more than one shooter
    All metro traffic has been stopped


  • National Bureau of Enforcement publishes a Report of Six-Month Works of Social Workers

    From January to June 2016, inclusive, the social workers of the National Bureau of Enforcement carried out 3048 activities through their participation in the cases of eviction and dismantling, alimony, auction services and other categories. 
    With the active participation of the social workers and mediation with the parties, 125 proceedings out of 169 eviction cases ended with reconciliation. Up to 30 cases of alimony category ended with reconciliation, and forced auction was not held in 166 cases due to agreement of the parties.
    Within the reporting period, the social workers attended 169 eviction and dismantling processes; the aim of such participation was to defuse the severe situation on-site, petition in the negotiations and reconciliation among the parties, providing them with the information and regulation of stressful situation.
    The social workers carried out a number of visits to the debtors' addresses for evaluation of their social status and to provide them with the information. In order to assist and improve the welfare of socially vulnerable families and other similar groups involved in the enforcement process, the social workers cooperate with the state agencies. They provide a certain kind of mediation with various agencies in order to obtain appropriate service. As a result of active coordination with the relevant agencies, the cases of provision of the evicted families with alternate housing are frequent. As a result of involvement of the social workers, the part of the socially vulnerable families, left without housing as a result of the compulsory enforcement, received house rents of 6 months from the local governments, some large socially vulnerable and internally displaced families received the residential areas from the Ministry of Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia. 
    The social workers have been working in the National Bureau of Enforcement since January 2016. The purpose of their participation in the enforcement proceedings is introduction, development and implementation of flexible social policy in the enforcement proceeding, promotion of voluntary implementation of the decisions.
    Based on the specific nature of the circumstances in the course of proceedings, the social worker of the National Bureau of Enforcement organizes meetings and reconciliation, provides consultation, cooperation and petition with the appropriate agencies for assistance.

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