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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 14:13

Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs – Mr. Shalva Khutsishvili and Mr. Archil Talakvadze - held the meeting with the representatives of the nongovernmental organizations “Young Lawyers’ Association”, “Transparency International Georgia”, “Article 42 of the Constitution”, “Reforms and Development Association”, the Office of Public Defender, Inspector of Personal Data Protection, “Human Rights Training and Monitoring Center” on the issue of implementation of remote patrolling in Georgia.
Mr. Shalva Khutsishvili talked about the police practice successfully operated by Germany, France, Great Britain, Dutch, Holland and the USA. The Deputy Ministers – based on the foreign practice – once again explained the goal of a new initiative and the positive outcomes of implementation of the remote patrolling in Georgia.
At the end of the meeting the participants held the discussion. The representatives of the MIA promised the nongovernmental sector to take into account their recommendations in the draft bill.

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  • The meeting of Archil Talakvadze with the Head of CoE Georgia Office

    The Speaker, H.E. Archil Talakvadze held the farewell meeting with the Head of CoE Georgia Office, Mr. Cristian Urse and discussed the relations between the Georgian Parliament and the CoE and the future cooperation prospects.

    The Speaker thanked the diplomat for his personal contribution in democratic development of the country and wished good luck in his further career.

  • The meeting of Archil Talakvadze with the newly appointed Ambassador of People’s Republic of China

    The Speaker, H.E. Archil Talakvadze held the introductory meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador of China to discuss the bilateral relations and the cooperation agenda.

    As noted, political, trade-economic, cultural and people-to-people relations are the directions Georgia and China are to adhere to in further cooperation.

    The parties dwelt on the Silk Road Project “One Belt One Road”, which is of the strategic importance for Georgia and Georgia, in terms of security, economic integration and infrastructural update is committed for this mission.

    The parties touched upon transit and investment capacities of Georgia and stressed importance of inter-Parliamentary ties.

    The Ambassador reaffirmed support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and underlined that China strongly respects the choice Georgian people has opted for development. In his turn, the Speaker expressed intact support of Georgia to “One-China” policy.

    The Speaker wished good luck to the Ambassador and expressed commitment for close cooperation.

    The meeting was attended by the Head of Georgia-China Friendship GroupOtar Danelia.

  • Archil Talakvadze elected Chairman of Parliament

    Archil Talakvadze, Leader of the Parliamentary Majority has been elected Chairman of the Georgian Parliament. The 94 MPs voted for Talakvadze’s election on the post and 1 – against.

    The 101 lawmakers underwent registration for the balloting. MPs of the National Movement and European Georgia parties did not participate in the voting process.

    Archil Talakvadze replaced Irakli Kobakhidze on the post of Chairman of Parliament. Kobakhidze quit the post several days ago amid protests after Russian MP Sergey Gavrilov took the seat in the Georgian parliament.

    Talakvadze served as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in 2014-2016. He was Deputy Minister of Penitentiary, Probation and Legal Assistance in 2012-2014.

  • The meeting on Traffic Safety in the Parliament

    The Parliamentary Majority and Embassy of Lithuania to Georgia organized the meeting on „Traffic Safety Reform – Lithuanian success”. According to the Majority Leader, Archil Talakvadze, experience of Lithuania is important as the Parliament keeps consideration of the draft on Traffic Safety. “The Parliament supported the draft with the I reading, aiming at protection of life and health and increase of safety standards towards all actors of the traffic – drivers, passengers and pedestrians”.
    He echoed the international championship of truck rally held in Rustavi on April 2. “The championship opened in Georgia will be held in 9 more countries. Yesterday, the strongest and most successful pilots of the world fought for victory on Rustavi track. The main message of this competition was traffic safety. The event was aired by more than 82 media companies and was watched by more than million people. Georgia has demonstrated itself in new angle in world motor sport sphere”.
    According to the Lithuanian AmbassadorGiedrius Puodžiūnas, traffic is the most safe in Sweden and most fatal in Romania and Bulgaria. Results in Lithuania entailed reduction of accidents with 22%. We take particular attention to relations between our countries and try to share our practical experience to be valuable for Georgia in this term”, - he stated.
    The Head of Study and Analysis Board, Shalva Khabuliani spoke about the legislative changes initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The changes contain three components: rational responsibility system; effective enforcement; increase of role of technologies. In view of increase preventive component, MIA establishes the 100-point system on driver’s license and each offence will result in deprivation of points. In case of reduction of points to zero during the calendar year, the license shall be deprived and the driver shall re-pass exams no earlier than 2 months after deprivation. It shall apply to Georgian and international licenses to prevent inequality. Penalties for excessive speed will be established according to the gradational system. Contactless patrol police will be granted authority to use speed meters installed on the vehicles without identification signs. 
    The Head of Traffic Safety Board at Road Administration of Lithuanian Transport and Communication Ministry spoke about Lithuanian example of traffic safety reform, envisaging change of approaches, improvement of road engineering and infrastructure and comprising sundry stages. “Traffic accident is not a fate. 90% of accidents are entailed with negligence. Change of public awareness cannot be rapidly reached so you can change milieu and improve road engineering and infrastructure”.

  • The Budget and Finance Committee estimating economical development tendencies
    The Committee sitting started with estimation of economic development tendencies. The Chair, Irakli Kovzanadze echoed the data of the Statistic Department. “The positive statistics proves that 4% rate of GDP for 2017 is real. The budget we endorsed is realistic and growth we envisage is achievable”. All the indices facilitate to reduction of deficit of ongoing account and improvement of the positive tendencies of healthy economy. “The economic reforms Georgian Government has launched will be important, successful and will positively result and I hail it”. The Majority Leader, Archil Talakvadze noted that economic is measurable with accurate objective and accessible parameters published by the Statistic Department. “The fact that 5.2% is the economic growth index and we have significant positive difference compared to 2016, we have 45% growth in export direction, 33% growth in registered companies, the fact that we have 32% growth of tourist inflow is a clearly positive dynamics”. According to the Herritage Foundation, Georgia according to economic freedom index takes the 13th place amongst 186 countries which evidences that “the reforming, fiscal and economic novelties approved by the Parliament in December, 2016 did result in first positive signals and we have the result-oriented changes serving for economic growth of the country. “This data, macro-economic parameters are evident not only in Georgia but observed by the world countries and largest companies catching the signals from Georgia that Georgia is and will be stabile, reliable and favorable country for investments and it means welfare for the families and our citizens”. According to the Deputy Chair, Paata Kvizhinadze, it is the indication to high pace of development of the country. “We expected these results. Due to the situation in the region problems touched Georgia as well but January data showed that the country keeps its way out of the problems and takes high pace to progress. I would like to note that the Budget surplus constitutes 150 ml GEL and it is achieved not through loans but tax revenues. The negotiations with the IMF take positive course and I hope that soon we will have the positive result on all the issues important for us”. The Committee resumed with agenda issues and considered the draft on Tax Liabilities and State Debt Restructuring, envisaging abolishment of the established term. The Change also envisages no-term application for the Companies: Restructuring of the Tax and/or Dent Liability of the Ministry of Finance; Demand of concession of the right on recognition of the debt liability as the bad debt and write-off, imposition to the third party and debt coverage under particular discount. The law shall apply to the legal relations entering into force on January 1, 2017. The Committee considered the Loan Agreement between Georgia and Kuwait Fund of Arab Economic Development on Batumi-Akhaltsikhe Road project (Khulo-Goderdzi section), envisaging allocation of 8 ml KD for 29 km. section rehabilitation. The draft covers reconstruction of 4 bridges, water pipelines, arrangement of drainage systems and provision of traffic safety on the section. The loan duration is 25 years 5 of which are preferential and interest rate constitutes 2%. The Committee considered the Cooperation Agreement between Georgia and NATO Support and Procurement Organization, defining the frame cooperation, main principles, supply, maintenance, procurement of goods and services etc. and envisages diplomatic immunity for NSPO personnel and exemption from income taxes. The Agreement will allow Georgia better studying modern armament systems, ammunition and equipment procurement process. The project is practiced in NATO member states and ensures security and reliability of providers. The information about the working group on Accounts of State Audit Service was provided by P. Kvizhinadze. The Committee supported the drafts.

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